The Team

In 2003 there were 3 team members. Myself, Make Drayton and Huw Davies. 2004 saw the team continue to grow and by 2008 the DHC had grown exponentially to over 50 members. 2009 saw us take another step forward and launch an elite road team including ex Professional Rob Hurd and a young Jon Dibben. This was the hey day for the team !, However due to several reasons the shop closed its doors in 2010 and with it the team.

2007,2008 and 2009 saw the DHC win British Cyclings regional team championships - we were undoubtedly 'The Souths Number One Racing Team'.


2011 - JMJ Cycles

2015 - Team Launch

2015 - Gareth Foreman, John Makepeace, Gary Hill, Fred Taylor-Young, Jules Sheps, Steve Van Witcher, Ed Rowe, Dave Harding, LouOtway, Andy, Sean, George, Dan, Martin Turner

2017 ..................................

2006 - Tom and Ben - Newport Track

2009 - Rob Hurd, Dave Hooper, Dave Harding, Jon Dibben

2010 - Dave Harding, Toby Neave, Andy Bryson, Tim Benham, Dr. Harry Bulstrode, Mike Bisson

                                       Andy Rivett, Phil Peters, Stu Thompson, Max Webber

2007 - 1st DHC Road Race - Nomansland

The Relaunch

Having led several teams in the following years including Southampton Road ClubJMJ Cycles RT and RocknRoad RT. In 2015 I decided it was the right time to relaunch the most awesome DHCyclesport ! - We are taking the DHC back to the top !

The Business

It all started back in 1996 when I took up cycling ! - I joined Sotonia Cycling Club and then Antelope RT. I started servicing and building road bikes for the guys in the club and then in 2003 going on to sell bikes and consumables online  (the internet was then in it's infancy). The DHCyclesport bike shop in Woolston, Southampton opened in 2005. 

2008 - Team Launch

​​Be a part of the Adventure ! - join us